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Palliative Care

Living the most comfortable life possible.

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If you or a loved one is seriously ill, there are ways to manage the pain, live more comfortably, and make the most of each day. Whether you’re at home or in a medical facility, we can be there with you offering specialized treatments, compassion, and respite for your family. And all it takes is a simple referral.

What to expect in palliative care.

Unlike hospice care, palliative care (advanced illness care) does not require a terminal diagnosis. When a patient is referred to palliative care, our interdisciplinary team will craft a plan to help improve the patient’s quality of life. Palliative care services are delivered wherever you call home and for as long as necessary.

Grief counseling

For anyone suffering a loss or even an anticipated loss, we offer counseling in private, group, or family sessions.

Spiritual support

A critical but often overlooked component of care for families and friends is spiritual support. These services are offered to meet your spiritual needs and wishes, and go hand-in-hand with palliative and hospice care. Emotional and spiritual support is always available to the person’s family and loved ones.

Pain and symptom management

A primary goal of our care is to ensure the comfort of our patients and to assist with medication and symptom management of their illness. During each visit we will check the patient’s pain level and adjust accordingly.

Medication management

Treating complex illnesses requires complex medication management. With the guidance of the patient’s existing doctors and specialists, we ensure that they’re getting the right doses of medication and that their pain is managed effectively.

24/7 phone support

Our commitment to patients and their families doesn’t take time off. That’s why we provide around-the-clock phone support for everyone. This service is offered at no added cost.

Medical team

We have one of the largest teams in the country of doctors and nurse practitioners who are board-certified in hospice and palliative medicine. Patients in our care can continue to have their care directed in tandem with their doctors and our expert team.

Volunteer team

Our team of volunteers is specially trained to support patients and their families during treatment and care. Volunteers can help with things such as caregiver relief, running simple errands, and perhaps most important, companionship and emotional support.

NP/MD Consult

Hosparus Health offers specialty palliative care visits by a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician (MD) in your home or nursing facility. These special palliative care visits can occur at the same time you are receiving treatment for your illness. The NP or MD will discuss your condition, conduct a comprehensive physical exam, and formulate a plan of care going forward.

We work hard to make palliative care affordable.

We know the benefits of an extra layer of support for patients living with a serious illness. While palliative care may not be covered by insurance, we have invested millions of dollars to provide this service to our patients at little to no cost to you. Insurance may cover the cost of the NP/MD specialty consults. Financial commitments to participate in the program are based on a sliding fee scale and financial assistance is available for those unable to pay. Participating in our palliative care program is voluntary and you can opt out at any time.

We continue to work with Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance plans to encourage increased coverage of advanced illness care, and we are making progress with innovative pilot programs with select private insurance companies. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and let us help you determine coverage eligibility and fees.

Now is a good time for compassion and comfort.

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The sooner you or your loved one begins advanced illness care, the more we can help improve the quality of life. Call us today  800-264-0521 to get started.

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