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  • Pastor Shares his Family’s Hospice Journey

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Blake Jessie says that his father, Kimble Jessie, “loved well.” That’s why Blake, his two brothers and their mother wanted Kimble to live out his final days surrounded by the love he so freely gave to others.

The Jessie family decided to call Hosparus Green River after all other treatment sources had been exhausted. Kimble was under our care for about a month before he passed away in June.

Blake, who is senior pastor at Greensburg Baptist Church in Greensburg, Ky., recently spoke about his experiences with hospice care at the Hosparus Green River Volunteer Appreciation dinner. During his father’s illness, Blake journaled every day. When he shared one of his journal entries at the event, everyone in attendance was moved by his words.

Blake shared that he wrote in his journal as a way to connect with God and his dad’s hospice journey. He says the journal not only brought him peace, it will ultimately allow his own children to know and remember their grandfather as they get older.

Blake talked about how close the Jessie family has always been — he and his dad would talk daily. “He was committed to his family and always there for his wife, sons and grandchildren,” Blake says. “He encouraged others and made people feel important.”

The Jesse family has a history with hospice services, as Hosparus Green River took care of Blake’s grandmother, and Hosparus Green River’s Larissa Marr, RN, is a family friend. They requested Larissa as Kimble’s nurse.

“She was objective and looked out for what was best for my dad and for the family,” Blake says. “Hosparus gave us the information we needed and helped us make decisions.”

Blake says that his personal experience with Hosparus not only helped his family at a difficult time, it will also help him professionally as he counsels his parishioners.

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