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Jim Brown spent most of his career helping others. He counseled others as a minister at First Presbyterian Church in Jeffersonville, Ind., and spent some 30 years on the WHAS Crusade for Children board of directors including serving as its president.

Jim says, “I was supposed to ‘fill in’ for someone temporarily and never left. I helped bring Southern Indiana into the Crusade funding cycle.”

A thoughtful advisor for the Crusade and tireless advocate for the needs of children, he mirrored this care and concern within his own parish and often advised people to call Hosparus for help. When his wife had knee surgery and became unable to care for him, the couple contacted Hosparus. “Even with all the times I referred others to Hosparus, I was unaware of the depth of service the organization offered.”

He adds, “There’s even a young man that helps me bathe. My nurse oversees my medication – I tried to do it myself and I couldn’t keep track of it.”

My wife, Sarah, is very comfortable talking about her concerns with our social worker, Jim says. We don’t drive anymore and our volunteer is wonderful about running errands for us. We really look forward to seeing her coming.

Jim’s message to others is to call Hosparus sooner, “From the time of admission, we learned so much about what Hosparus can provide. The sooner families call, the sooner they can help.”

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