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Some milestones like birthdays, graduations and weddings may be what most of us think of when we consider celebrating life. At Hosparus, we celebrate all the days of living by caring for patients of all ages including children facing chronic illnesses – regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We invite you to read the story below to learn more and to find out how our capital campaign is helping.

Cory Tinsley is 13 years old. He has spent much of his young life in doctors’ offices or at the hospital. Upon discharge from an extended hospital stay when he was five years old, Cory’s mother, Pamela McDaniel, learned about Hosparus’ Kourageous Kids program. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Pamela accepted the help.

“I can’t say enough good things about Kourageous Kids. Cory’s team often knows what I need to care for him even before I do,” says Pamela. She adds, “I feel blessed to be part of this special program. With Kourageous Kids’ help, I am giving my son the best quality of life I can because I have the tools and resources to do so.”

A support for the whole family, Pamela says Hosparus even offers counseling for her younger son Cameron McDaniel. “When the teacher let me know Cameron was having behavioral issues in the classroom, we figured out it was when Cory was in the hospital. April Rodriguez, Cory’s social worker, helped us find a counselor for Cameron.  Now, things are improving.”

A Hosparus volunteer even comes to our home weekly to visit with Cameron, she notes.

“When I need to cry, Cory’s team is here to listen without judgment. Jim England will pray with me if that’s what I need. On many occasions, I’ve had to contact Hosparus nurses in the wee hours of the morning and they have never let me down,” says Pamela.

To help more children like Cory, Hosparus recently launched a $500,000 fundraising initiative to benefit its Kourageous Kids program. This effort will complete the organization’s $7.5 million capital campaign.

“We care for children regardless of their family’s ability to pay for services. Many of our Kourageous Kids families have little or no resources,” says Phil Marshall, Hosparus’ president & chief executive officer.

He adds, “Last year, we provided nearly $2 million of charity care. Much of that went toward our Kourageous Kids program.” Pamela concludes, “Donating to Kourageous Kids provides hope and opportunity for families like mine.”

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