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  • Hosparus Health Ranked as No. 19 Largest Hospice Provider in the United States

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The recent release of the 2019 LexisNexis rankings of the top 100 home health and hospice providers in the country continues to confirm that Louisville is indeed the Aging Care Innovation Capital of the United States. It is expected that Kindred, headquartered in Louisville, would certainly top the list (ranked No. 2 with 3.13 percent of the U.S. market). Local provider Hosparus Health is also included in the top 100 largest hospices, ranked at No. 19, with a 0.43 percent of national market share, up from No. 24 in 2017.

Each year, LexisNexis compiles an annual list of the leading U.S. home health and hospice providers based on insights from its MarketView claims database, which includes more than 8.5 million healthcare practitioners, 1 million organizations and more than 1.25 billion unique claims annually. Hospices are ranked based on patient volume and claims associated with each provider.

The annual rankings provide hospice providers with information to help them better understand their market positions, dynamics and environment for potential merger and acquisition activity and operational growth, according to LexisNexis. The insights also enable agencies to better tailor strategic planning, patient care and growth strategies by offering a detailed understanding of referral patterns and affiliations.

“Hosparus Health has a long history of continued growth as a regional provider in Kentucky and Indiana.  We’ve harnessed the talents of our exceptional staff to always provide high quality compassionate care. So, we are not at all surprised that our continued growth has translated into one of the largest hospices in the nation,” says Hosparus Health President and CEO Phil Marshall.

“Our innovative attitude and desire to continue to grow is in direct response to the evolution of the health care landscape in Kentucky and Indiana, including the rapidly aging Baby Boomer population. We know that this group is taking control of their health care and demanding to live better, longer. That is why we are moving further upstream to care for patients with serious illness well before they are ready for hospice care. Look for Hosparus Health to continue to grow and move farther up the ranks in the LexisNexis list.”

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