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When Darrin McCauley learned on the day before Thanksgiving in 2014 that his wife Janice’s breast cancer had metastasized into bone cancer, he felt helpless. She was only 43 years old.

The disease was aggressive, ultimately resulting in Janice breaking her back and becoming paralyzed. Darrin soon realized he could no longer care for her on his own. “It was out of my league,” he says.

Janice moved into the Hosparus Health Inpatient Care Center (HICC) for the final 6 weeks of her life, and Darrin says “it was the right people, the right place at the right time. I can’t say enough nice things about what they did.”

Hosparus Health managed all of Janice’s medical care, including her pain, which Darrin says was “immensely valuable. It allowed Janice to get the most out of the time she had left.” She was able to not only visit with and say goodbye to loved ones, she was also able to celebrate one of her favorite holidays for the last time.

Close to 50 family and friends came by the HICC for an elaborate Halloween party, complete with costumes. Janice was Cinderella. “You look at the pictures from the party, she’s got a big smile on her face,” Darrin says. “For me, it was a time to forget about everything that was going on, and to just enjoy family and friends. Hosparus Health gave us a place to do that.”

Darrin is so grateful to Hosparus Health for the care and comfort Janice received that he doesn’t want anyone who needs our help to go without it. “Janice was the benefactor of great care from Hosparus Health, and we need to make sure they can continue to provide that great care for many, many years,” he says. “Giving to Hosparus Health is money well spent.”

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