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woman talking to people around campfire

Grief + Camp.

Yes, an equation that may at first elicit gripes and groans from teenagers, a focus on the fun of camp for younger children, and an onset of mixed emotions from caregivers, has been a natural fit for many families that have attended our camp.

The possibilities and opportunities of camp are as unique as the individual experience of grief. Considering all the factors that make up our individual grief experiences, creating a formula that will work for each camper and their family is no simple task.

We invite you to test out the formulas listed below that we have found helpful over the years in providing support to families after a loss.

Grief + Camp= a good balance of high and low energy, indoor and outdoor, creative and practical activities.

Grief + Camp= empowering families with effective coping tools and techniques.

Grief + Camp= providing families education and support on their unique grief experiences and how to support one another.

Grief + Camp = group and workshop facilitation by grief and bereavement specialists.

Grief + Camp = dedicated and compassionate volunteers and staff to companion your family throughout the weekend.

Grief + Camp= a good balance of peer and family time.

Grief + Camp = camp staples, such as, bugs (pack spray) and campfire (S’mores…yummy).

Grief + Camp = a private room in a scenic setting for your family to unwind and catch some zzzz.

Grief + Camp = a safe and supportive atmosphere to do intentional grief work.

Grief + Camp = encouragement of open discussion and sharing during smaller group projects.

Grief + Camp= helping families understand and process their grief.

Grief + Camp= a judgement- free zone where people just get it.

Grief + Camp = remembering and creating new memories.

Grief + Camp = honoring past, present and future.

Grief + Camp = You.

We look forward to being a part of what Grief + Camp = for your family at the Hosparus Health Grief Counseling Center‘s Camp Evergreen!

Evergreen is a weekend retreat for grieving families with children (ages 6-18). Through activities like games, workshops. team building and art activities, Evergreen helps families develop skills to cope with grief in healthy ways.

To apply for Camp Evergreen click here, email evergreen@hosparus.orgor call 502-456-5451 or 888-345-8197.

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