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  • “Feet on the Street” Outreach Managers Educate Community about Hospice and Palliative Care

  • David Modica
  • Employee

We are often called “the feet on the street,” the people who tell the story about what we do. Though our Outreach Team does not provide direct care to our patients and families, we couldn’t help many of those who need us most without their day-to-day efforts.

Our dedicated Outreach Team is the community education and relationship building arm of our organization. We are a dedicated group of professionals who are driven to deliver the Hosparus Health message to healthcare providers and the community in an effort to reach and care for as many eligible patients as possible. Describing what we do is easy, how we do it … not so easy.

Our team is made up of 11 Outreach Managers who live in their own communities, covering all 37 counties that are served by Hosparus Health. Our managers can be found in a variety of settings like nursing homes, hospitals, physician offices, community centers and places of worship.

Our mission is to talk about the benefits of hospice and palliative care to any audience who may benefit from the services we provide. That audience is infinite, and we get great pleasure knowing that we may have helped a patient or family who might not otherwise know about our services, or educated a group on the myths and facts about hospice and palliative care. Our biggest challenge is just that — reaching people who either don’t understand our care or have misconceptions about hospice.

Our impact is measured by the trust we build with our community healthcare partners. Those partners look to Outreach Managers (and all of our Hosparus Health teams) as a resource and a conduit for our clinical and medical staff who are experts in serious illness and end-of-life care.

Our Outreach Team connects caregivers and facilitates discussions as a means of serving those who need our help at a most critical time. We approach a difficult topic (the end of life) by developing empathy and trying to understand the needs and goals an individual or organization has. Through this, we can find solutions that have value and contribute to someone’s wellbeing.

The Outreach Team is very diverse in background and experience. We all seem to have arrived at Hosparus Health through very common goals and values; we love the mission and are committed to serving our community.

I am amazed at the level of teamwork that is displayed by our members. We work hard at finding solutions to opportunities and we strive to improve how we make an impact each day, all while enjoying our work and finding time to have fun with each other as often as possible. Check out our page on our website and connect with an Outreach Manager in your community.


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