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Debra Sampson-Employee
  • Employee Spotlight: Debra Sampson

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Debra Sampson works as the 2nd Shift Unit Secretary at the Hosparus Inpatient Care Center at Norton Pavilion…aka “The HICC”. In Debra’s 5 years working for Hosparus Health, she has come to earn great appreciation from her coworkers, and is a valuable member of the HICC Team. “Debra embodies all that we are looking for at the HICC as a Unit Secretary. Every interaction she has over the phone or in person is professional, compassionate and considerate of that individual and their needs in that moment. Debra is someone the HICC can count on to do her job to the best of her abilities. She is a wonderful role model for staff and an absolute asset to the HICC and the patients/families that we serve,” Nicholas Ballard-Supervisor.

Debra’s typical workday at the HICC is a busy one, and includes answering the call lights and telephones, and keeping the paperwork caught up so the patient can get admitted to the HICC in a timely manner. “Mostly because we do end of life care, I wear my heart on my sleeve” Debra says. Before coming to work for Hosparus Health, Debra worked in a similar role for a local Allergy and Asthma practice. “I chose to work for Hosparus Health because at the end of the day it feels as if I helped someone.”

Outside of Hosparus Health, Debra is busy taking care of her family. She has been married for 33 years, she has 1 son who was born on her birthday, and a sweet Shih Tzu dog named Sassy. “I work second shift so I try to get things done at home early. I spend my off days running errands, taking care of things at home and making sure I fix a good dinner so that my husband gets a balanced meal as opposed to eating fast food. And my little Shih Tzu will stare at me until she gets her walk.” Debra’s other interests include crafting and designing costume jewelry, and she is currently working on a dollhouse.

“Debra is a great person to work with. She gets things done in a timely manner, always has a smile on her face and is always willing to go the extra mile for a patient, family or employee. She is definitely a huge asset to the HICC team!” – Coworker

Debra Sampson and puppyFun Facts

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas, because it’s so magical
  • Favorite Music: I love Jazz music and Dave Kos (an American Saxophonist)
  • Favorite Vacation: Jamaica
  • Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster
  • If I could learn to anything it would be: Another language
  • The most interesting thing about myself is that: I’m a girly girl but I love college basketball and would watch it every day if I could!
  • Places she has traveled: Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica
  • Favorite thing to watch on TV: NATGEO Wild; I love animals, especially dogs

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