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Rev. Dr. William Sofield is a Board-Certified Chaplain in Barren River community of Hosparus Health, and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. “I work for Hosparus because Hosparus works for those who are dying. As a Christian minister, I believe my calling is to afflict the comforted and comfort the afflicted. Following in Jesus’ footsteps, I want to bring comfort to those who are in pain. I love working together with my nurses, social worker, and CNA’s to bring holistic comfort in mind, body, and spirit to our patients and their families.”

William shared with us his typical day: “I drop off my son at Bowling Green Junior High at about 7am and get to the office about 7:15 to listen to voice mails. I almost always have either new patients to see or patients near death to see. I visit with our families more than our patients themselves. I listen to their stories, their struggles, their fears, their hopes, and dreams. I read the Bible to them, I sing with them, I remind them of God’s love, and I pray for them. I hold their hands and hug them. I cry with them.”

“William has been such an incredible addition to our HBR team. His passion for patients, families and coworkers radiates from him. William is caring, patient, and displays a calm, soothing energy. He is consistent in his willingness to go the extra mile for our community and jump on board to assist with new projects and activities.” -Melanie Plumb, Supervisor

Rev. Dr. Sofield has been with Hosparus for about one year now. Previously he was the Pastor of a church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for eight years. “I have also been a hospital chaplain in Miami, Florida, an acquisitions librarian, a high school science teacher, and a behavioral therapist.” He has been married for 20 years to Katherine, and they have one son, Samuel, who is 13 years old. On October 24th they celebrated the 7th anniversary of Samuels official adoption into their family. “Adoption runs in our family, even though that is not genetically possible,” says William. “My dad was adopted as a child, both my grandmothers, too. I have 7 adopted brothers and sisters, but I am not adopted. My brother has also adopted a child.”

Outside of Hosparus Health, William enjoys running, and describes himself as a “back of the pack” runner of marathons and half-marathons.

Pictured below: William, his wife Katherine, and son Samuel.

Sofield family

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Music: Enya’s music, which is so soothing and calming, but also adventurous and creative.
  • Favorite food? The Black Thorn Pub in St. Louis (South Tower Grove neighborhood) makes the best pizza he’s ever had. Deep dish. They use some unique spices, and it almost worth the trip to St. Louis just for that pizza!
  • If he could have one Superpower: “I would love to have the super-power of flight. My wife is a pilot, and she loves it, but I’m not interested in flying planes. To fly from my house to work over all the roads and trees and farms and buildings . . . yes, that would be wonderful.”

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