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Bob Beatty, volunteer
  • Bob Beatty Celebrates 30 Years as a Volunteer

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For Bob Beatty, volunteering his time with Hosparus Health of Central Kentucky for the past 30 years has given him many gifts, not the least of which has been the opportunity to grow in his spiritual life.

“God gives us an opportunity to have a relationship with Him in all things, and I find that there is plenty of opportunity for that here,” he says.

A military veteran, Bob had recently retired from his civilian job in 1987 when he begin volunteering. As soon as he started visiting patients in their homes, he immediately felt a calling to do this important work.

Providing companionship to patients at such a vulnerable time in their lives is humbling, Bob adds. “People are sharing with you a lot of personal things. You are accepted and you’re trusted with this relationship.”

He doesn’t take that trust lightly, and cherishes the relationships he formed with so many patients and families over the years. “A lot of things happened in those 30 years that were very uplifting for me,” he says.

Lessons learned 
Bob says that not only have his volunteer responsibilities changed over time, he has evolved on a personal level as well, with many lessons learned along the way.

One thing he’s learned is to simply “shut up” and let the patient guide their time together. “The visit is for the patient and not for me,” he says. “You don’t know what your presence is going to do for a patient. Just let it happen.” But even after 30 years, Bob says he approaches volunteering with the same attitude he had at the beginning: “I’m still learning.”

Compassionate care in action
After a patient has died, their families often thank Bob for being there for them. But Beatty doesn’t feel right in taking any credit. “I always think, ‘I didn’t do anything.’ It was Hosparus that provided the care and helped the family through this trauma.”

Bob has seen firsthand the confusion patients and families face when dealing with a terminal diagnosis, and the stability that comes when Hosparus Health steps in to help. “I’m impressed, the more I’ve been involved, with the service Hosparus provides.”

Bob says working with Hosparus has been a huge blessing to him, and he’s thankful for the opportunity.

No, Bob, we thank YOU for your many years of service. You are truly a blessing to Hosparus Health!

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