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Ambassadors at their first meeting
  • Ambassadors Spread the Word about Hosparus Health in their Communities

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As an extension of our outreach and volunteer efforts, Hosparus Health is identifying community members who are willing to educate themselves about our services, then share the benefits of calling us sooner with their networks.

So far, we’ve signed up about 20 volunteer Ambassadors who are passionate about our mission and are carrying the message in our Green River, Central Kentucky, Barren River and Southern Indiana communities.

The idea for the program first came about last fall, when Hosparus Health Green River Outreach Manager Jennifer Van Mersbergen started exploring new ways of connecting with local churches. When the program officially launched in February 2018, recruitment was extended to not only churches, but community groups and business associations as well.

“When I recruit someone, I am not asking them to go to churches or businesses they don’t know,” says Jennifer. “We want our Ambassadors to raise awareness among their core groups. We want them to be the beacon among their peers, whether that’s the garden club, their job, city council or their own church. You let those people know you are part of Hosparus Health, so they will know to come to you when they need help.”

“We’re just asking them to be a connector for us in their communities,” she adds. And it’s working wonderfully so far. “We have gotten speaking engagements, referrals and a ton of questions,” Jennifer says.

Overall, the program has been met with lots of enthusiasm. To keep Ambassadors engaged and help them feel like part of the Hosparus Health team, we have started hosting quarterly meetings to bring them all together, update them on our services and answer any questions that have come up. “It opens up dialogue, and we’re getting really good feedback,” Jennifer says.

Being an Ambassador is a good fit for someone who wants to give back but is hesitant to work with patients. The Ambassador program is also great for people who work full-time or are busy with other commitments, as it only requires about 2 – 4 hours per month.

But a little bit of effort goes a long way. “Just by being educated about our services, they are helping us tremendously,” Jennifer says. “It’s making a larger impact than they realize.”

If you’re interested in being part of the Ambassadors program in your area, click here.

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