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The year 2014 was an extremely tough one for Connie High and her family. “I lost my mom that year, and later my aunt Anna Grace was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in California,” said Connie. When Anna Grace decided to move back to Elizabethtown to spend her final days with her family, Connie was happy but concerned about how to provide the best care for her.

“When we found Hosparus, it was the answer to all of our prayers. We loved that Hosparus provided medical care, chaplain service for our family and social workers to deal with her insurance and banking issues,” Connie said.

The High family was reluctant to call Hosparus at first because they didn’t want people from an outside organization telling them how to handle their loved one’s end-of-life care. “We were worried that the staff would tell us what to do, but that was completely the opposite of what happened,” said Connie. “My aunt got her sense of humor back and completely enjoyed the interactions with all of the Hosparus team members.”

The greatest gift Hosparus provided was blessing her family with people who came in with big hearts and provided all of them with the spiritual, physical and emotional support they needed so desperately, she added.

Connie will always cherish the fact that Anna Grace spent her last days feeling loved, supported and comforted by her Hosparus team. “If there is one thing I can share with other families, it is that Hosparus will provide you with a caring plan that is right for the patient and family. Please don’t wait to call – they can give you so much support and love before your loved one has passed away, and long after that.”

The High family and Hosparus staff still talk with one another on a regular basis and have continued to build upon their strong bond. “I will never forget the care and compassion Anna Grace and our family received from Hosparus. It has changed our lives, and I am forever grateful.”

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