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The 11th Gerald Mattingly Golf Tournament was held on October 7th in memory of Fred Mudd, a Hosparus Health patient.

According to organizer Eddie Mattingly and son-in-law of Fred, Fred Mudd loved the tournament and looked forward to volunteering every year. Fred Mudd also loved John Deere so his wife, daughters and friends donned their best John Deere attire on the day of the tournament in honor of him.

Fred’s daughter, Martha, says her dad was a very loving, kind, and patient person who loved his family more than anything.

“He did not have to have expensive things to be happy. Spending time with his wife (Sharon), kids, grandkids, in-laws, and extended family was his greatest joy. With Hosparus Health’s care he was able to have all he ever wanted during this important time in his life. He was able to love, laugh, and cry with family and friends at home, exactly where he wanted to be.”

Martha goes on to say, “There is no way to repay the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff at Hosparus Health for everything they did – not only for my dad but my entire family. Without this organization and the wonderful people that work for Hosparus I know this journey would have been very different.”

Thank you to Kentucky Cooperage and Curtis-Maruyasu America, Inc. for sponsoring the tournament this year. The event raised $7,700 for our patients and families.

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